My work

Check out some of the work I have done, commissions, repairs, lamps, and lightshades I have created

  • Front entrance

    Delightful front entrance with a traditional type design

  • Back entrance

    Designed as a back entrance for the house with the front entrance on the left

  • Front entrance

    NZ native bird themed front entrance, the pohutukawa tree in the sidelights on the left and kowhai tree in the door on the right

  • Tuis

    A window with Tuis sitting in a poutukawa tree

  • Poppies

    Two panels of poppies for a cupboard door

  • Music

    Some notes dancing in the window for a music room

  • Before and after

    A very sad window broken in half, then back together in its rightful place

  • Before and after

    A China cabinet that had most definaltely seen better days, rebuilt and restored

  • Before and after

    This door had 2 broken panels that I repaired

  • Agate lamp

    Glass and slices of agate make this lamp glow with stunning reflected colours on the wall

  • Tulip lamp

    A tulip lamp I designed, moody whites with red and green

  • NZ lamp

    Painted and fused panels built together to create this uniquely New Zealand themed lamp

  • 7 sides

    7-sided shade I was commissioned to make

  • Fusha

    Fusha design light shade

  • Simple

    Simple yet effective design for this lightshade that hangs from the ceiling

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