Commissions and repairs

Looking for a custom design and made leadlight panel? Or have a broken leadlight item that needs repair? You have come to the right place!

  • Restoration & Repairs

    If you already have a special window, China cabinet, lamp or other precious glass item that needs restoration or repair, I would love to work on this project for you.

    It is such a privilege to work with broken old leadlight panels and lamps and restore them to their former glory.

    Whether a simple repair or full rebuild is needed, get in touch and I can give you a quote.

  • Commissions

    From traditional to ultra modern, I will work with you to design and create a special piece of glass art to enhance your world.

    It may be stained glass windows or door panels, perhaps an entryway, for your home.

    Or perhaps you are looking for a special gift or a lamp.


To obtain a quote for a commission it is helpful for me to know what styles you like, and what styles you don't like, have a look through my portfolio to see if I have any design elements you would like to include in your panel. If you have an image of a panel design you like I am happy to work with you to personalise it to your own unique pie

To obtain a quote for a restoration or repair I will need detailed photographs and accurate measurements of the panel, if you are in or near Palmerston North I am happy to come and look at the panel to provide the quote.

Material matching for repairs and restoration:
Many glass styles have gone out of production, I do have a reasonable amount of old glass specifically for repairs and restorations, however it may not always be possible to match the glass so I will match it as close as possible and replace it to be symmetrical.

Notes about restoration and repair quotes:
Sometimes my quotes are an over-estimation of the work needed, there are many reasons for this.
Some of these include:
- The state of the stained glass when it arrives in the studio,
- The deterioration of the lead and cement can only be fully assessed once it has arrived in the studio,
- Quotes are made for the rebuild, and some restoration projects can be achieved in a less intensive repair.

Contact me for a quote